FAQs About Bathroom Renovations

The questions on this page are typically questions people ask us when enquiring about a bathroom renovation.

Whether you’re designing a facelift, brand new bathroom or wanting the bathroom of your dreams, our expert Bathroom Consultants will help you to visualise the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

At TIC Bathrooms, we aim to provide you with a smooth and comfortable transition to your new bathroom, and that includes providing portable ensuite and bathroom facilities for the duration of your renovation.

The best place to start is by contacting us and booking an appointment to show us your space; we will then walk through the process and discuss your ideas.

An investment in a new bathroom renovation can vary on the extent of work that has to take place and the fittings and fixtures that go into making your bathroom. Once our team has sized up the project, we can outline the effort and materials required to complete the task at hand. Following deliberation over your design goals, we then provide a proposal that outlines all the key areas and associated financial investment.

Some people can independently choose their fixtures and fittings, which TIC Bathrooms is happy to work with; however, this decision can come with warranty issues. When purchasing your own fixtures and fittings, you automatically take responsibility for dealing with any problems that may arise following the completion of your renovation. Alternatively, when TIC Bathrooms provides assistance selecting fixtures and fittings, you’re provided with a total solution approach assuring that you and your bathroom are looked after long after the renovation is complete.

From our experience, there’s a lot of gotcha’s when you take this approach due to your independent skill limitations. The team at TIC Bathrooms specialises in doing this type of work, so we don’t offer supervision services as they don’t align with our standard of completion.

Our goal at TIC Bathrooms is to provide you with a beautiful new bathroom in the shortest possible time. This timeline can vary depending on the independent challenges and specifications for your bathroom project. Accordingly, we provide a proposed timeline before commencement and regular updates throughout your project if issues such as late supplies and environmental factors arise.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is an integral part of improved productivity and safety for both you and our team. At TIC Bathrooms, our team ensures that we clean up at regular intervals for the safety of all those involved in the project.

Our team will need access to your house during regular working hours, and we will arrange suitable ways to ensure that our staff safely enters and exits your home. Our team is conscious of the responsibilities that come with working in someone else’s home and will contact you beforehand on the hours of operation and occasional after-hour access.

Our wet sealing quality process is designed to ensure the maximum lifespan of wet areas. We have a ten-year warranty on our wet sealing process and use state of the art products when performing wet sealing. Our warranty process is immediately enacted when you contact us with an issue, with a process of verification done through site inspection. We then identify the problem and work to resolve any workmanship or product-related issues.

TIC Bathrooms always aims to recommend high-quality products, with a majority of our products presenting enduring quality and high performance. However, unfortunately sometimes 3rd party products don’t measure up to their claims. If issues arise with materials used in your renovation, please contact us so we can verify the issue and assist you in resolving it.

Outsourcing labour is a common practice in the building industry. At TIC Bathrooms, we work on a split model, with a majority of our workforce consisting of employees and the remaining team members working as sub-contractors. This delegation process has proven results and often results in hired subcontractors coming on board with TIC Bathrooms as official employees.

TIC Bathrooms main office is situated in Queanbeyan, where we provide bathroom renovations around the Australian Capital Territory, Queanbeyan and travel approximately in a 50km radius to ACT. Call us to discuss your bathroom renewal location, and we’ll work out an effective and efficient solution.

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